Which Is The Best Job In Digital Marketing?

Let’s answer the titular question at the outset. No, there is no ‘best job’ in Digital Marketing; every role is best in itself. There are several exciting roles to be filled in Digital Marketing and the choice of these roles depends up on the interest of an individual. In other words, the best job in Digital Marketing depends on an individual’s interest and ambitions.

So let’s look at some of the best jobs in digital marketing.

Content Writing / Copywriting / Content Manager / Content Strategist

Content is King; it was and it always will be, regardless of whether the marketing is digital or traditional. Content mentioned here has a broader scope than just text. Content encompasses images and infographics, videos, GIFs, podcasts etc. It is a powerful tool that drives traffic, builds brands, improves user engagement, fosters customer trust, and increases visibility. A writer is present at all levels of marketing – writing blogs, SEO articles, guest blogging, social media posts, white papers, forum posting and campaign texts. Writers need to have a good understanding of SEO friendly writing and should be able to align their content with the broader marketing plan. The role of a content writer relies on their creativity because at times the writer may need to churn out content on the same topic multiple times. A content manager’s role is diversified and not limited to writing; the responsibilities include preparing content calendar, social media strategy, managing a team, collaborating with the marketing team, understanding the analytics tools, and involvement in other marketing activities.



SEOs and SEMs are crucial for the success of any digital marketing strategy. SEOs and SEMs have a difficult job because of the constant changes made by search engines in its algorithm and advertisement rules. And this task becomes more challenging for big sites with multiple domains. The role of an SEO/SEM is prominent in ecommerce sites that depend heavily on website traffic for business. The SEOs and SEMs should have sound technical knowledge along with marketing concepts to promote a brand online.


Email Marketing Experts

In smaller organizations, SEOs handle email marketing, but for bigger organizations with a huge clientele, it has to be done by a specialist. Email marketers should be skilled copywriters with a penchant for editing. The conversion rate of email marketing is very high, which is surprising considering the surge in spam mails. Email marketing specialist will also be responsible for PR activities, promotions, campaigns and launches. The responsibility of email specialists include branding, sales, lead generation and reporting. They have to work closely with the digital marketing head.

Social Media Executive / Manager

Social presence is imperative for every business today, but a minor error can prove catastrophic to the business. Hence, the role of a social media executive is pivotal to any organization. They are responsible for brand building through social interactions and spreading messages and information about the business on social channels. They are also responsible for running marketing campaigns and lead generation.

And at the helm of all these roles will be the Digital Marketing Head. Each of these roles (and plenty others) have a unique place in the marketing team of an organization, with each having its own perks.

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