What is Experiential Learning? How can it benefit MBA students?

What is Experiential Learning? How can it benefit MBA students?

When you first read the title, you might have started pondering whether I have heard ‘Experiential Learning’ in the past. Most of us have heard or read about this word, but not really understand its meaning.

Well, how do you master a new skill? You may spend hours on YouTube watching your favourite YouTuber (who doesn’t love that?). Alternatively, you may consider enrolling for a class to learn the skill, but you may realistically master a skill only after you personally start practicing it. You can learn the art of baking cakes through someone, but you can become a baker only after practicing regularly. Your success, right there, in baking cakes is experiential learning. Such a learning leaves a lasting impression on an individual’s mind. Let us find out how experiential learning can help MBA students.

Simulation-Based Learning:

Simulation-based learning can also be used for experiential learning. Students can participate and experience real-life meetings, stakeholder discussions and corporate discussions. Game-based learning helps in increasing the concentration and ensuring maximum retention by students. Some management courses in Lagos are adopting experiential learning to drastically improve their teaching and pedagogy standards.

Opportunity for Reflection:

During experiential learning, MBA students get lots of time to analyse and reflect upon their actions or answers. With the help of simulated learning experience, you can also have discussion sessions, wherein you can discuss and share your experience with the faculty. If you are enrolling for the best online MBA programs

Nigeria, then ask them if they have experiential learning. It will go a long way in enhancing your knowledge and skills. Such a medium will also help to land your dream job.

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