E-Commerce has transformed the nature of business; especially in the Retail sector. As new technologies continue to redefine traditional business practices, brands increasingly rely on AI to automate and customise the retail experience in order to simplify shopping for the consumer. Digital marketing, Virtual Reality, Omnichannel Commerce, People Analysis and AI have become integral aspects of the E-Business; as consumers as well as employees increasingly have expectations of a seamless, tech-enabled E-Commerce experience. As a result, industry professionals may confront a future workforce where the need for human intervention is debated.

Even so, E-Commerce business models are increasingly gravitating towards delivering cross-platform experiences, where focus is shifting from eliminating brick and mortar retail to finding ways of combining offline channels with Online-Enabled channels. As such, industry experts need constantly up-skill to stay ahead of the game; and HR professionals need to balance their functions, ensuring that they can identify, acquire and develop a capable workforce  that can support these transformative and innovative business strategies in the new digital age.


  • Understand the role of Retail and E-Commerce Leaders and Professionals in an increasingly technologically enabled industry where intelligent machines are redefining the need for human intervention
  • Develop fresh insight on the role of Human Resource (HR) in reshaping the future of the Retail and E-Commerce industry; and strategies that will be required by management
  • Address the challenges faced by Professionals the Retail and E-Commerce Industry in the new digital age
  • Gain innovative perspectives on how Industry experts and HR leaders can balance the need for labour and elasticity; thereby contributing to a highly productive and innovative Retail and E-Commerce Industry
  • Gain innovative perspectives that can support the development of future-proof industry-specific strategies
  • Showcase products and services on the Regenesys Platform
  • Network, interact with peers in the industry, share ideas and ultimately contribute to thought development in contemporary Nigerian HR practice

The forum will consist of industry experts who will proffer insights into future challenges and opportunities in the Retail and Ecommerce Industry. The audience will then get an opportunity to direct questions to the forum members and as a result, attendees will get their most pressing questions answered.


Forum Panelists

Aanuoluwapo Agboola, Head of Transport,LORI

Dele Awolala, Hr Director,Jumia NG

Godwin Solomon, COO (Retail), NGIL Gaming

Temilolu Salako A, Head Customer Operations, MTN


Programme Details

Date: Tuesday 5th May, 2020

Time: 09h30-11h30

Venue: 8th Floor, Churchgate Towers 2, Plot PC 31, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

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