The Five C Approach To A Strong Leadership

A thriving business needs a plethora of factors operating in its favor. Right from constructive government polices and flexible tax regimes to innovation in technologies and products as well as a motivated work force are all factors that play a role in the growth story of an organization. But, at the helm of every organization, there is a person, a leader, whose vision and gumption is responsible for the growth trajectory of that organization. It is beyond doubt that leadership is the key component in building a burgeoning business. But what are the traits of an enlightened leader? Are the qualities of leadership ingrained in certain individuals or can everyone forge it through rigorous practice?

Of course, leadership qualities are formed through years of experience and meticulous practice. And it need not be said that every leader is unique in their approach. But there are certain characteristics that are omnipresent in top leaders across the world. So what are they? These traits can be summed up with five C-words.

The first C – Communication

“To effectively communicate we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others – Tony Robbins”.

Communication is critical for leadership. It must be open and direct, and should inspire and influence others. A leader needs to be skilled at expressing thoughts, share information and develop relations at different organizational levels and with communities and groups. Successful leaders have also cultivated a knack of being good listeners. Communication is never complete without listening. The secret to being a good communicator is to value it.

The second C – Connect

Connecting with organization personnel on a regular basis and understanding the value of feedback, both giving and receiving, are the traits of an effective leader. Timely feedback ensures completion of long term and short term goals as well as improves team morale. Motivation is an essential part of leadership, but no one can motivate without an emotional connect.

The third C – Competency

All other C-words will pale in comparison if the leader lacks competency. For an effective leader learning is a perpetual task. The thirst for knowledge is an ongoing process for an enlightened leader. Investing time and effort to read books and understand technology is what most effective leaders do.

The fourth C – Collaboration

Contributing and participating in team activities is a valuable skill. A good leader works together with a team and guides it to accomplish its goals. Delegating work when need arises and involving every stakeholder instills a sense of ownership which leads to better workplace motivation.

The fifth C – Compassion

And the one trait that all effective leaders have is compassion. A compassionate leader ensures a stress free work environment as they deal with their emotions more efficiently at a work place. And because of this there is positivity at the workplace and healthy relationships. A leader without compassion is like a tower without a strong foundation.

These five C-words are what distinguishes a great leader and should be gradually inculcated by aspiring leaders of today.

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