The answer to the higher education crisis is partnerships with the private sector

Private education provider Regenesys Business School saw the deficit in the higher education sector and offered free business education in 2012.They have turned to the private sector and joined forces with cellphone giant MTN to deliver an education alternative for students who want to further their studies but face financial challenges in paying for it.

Up to now, more than 100 000 students have benefited from accessing online and free access to business education. Some have moved on to complete their studies.

More than 800 000 students are graduating from high school this year, and it is expected that more than the traditional 300 000 students will want to access university education. Of these, traditionally 100 000 students have entered into business studies.

Faced with the option of Regenesys Free Education, some might ask, if there is no qualification that I must pay for – what’s in it for me?

Participants have access to the course materials of four SAQA and CHE-accredited qualifications (Higher Certificate of Business Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor of Business Degree, Master of Business Administration (NQF level 8). This is exactly the same as a paying student, there are no hidden costs and the material is unchanged.

Once participants have completed quizzes to test their knowledge and pass these – they receive a Certificate of Participation from Regenesys, which can open doors for a job. Potential employers will be impressed by the self-management and effort shown by the candidate who illustrates that he/she is capable with the propensity to learn.

Students have the option to choose relevant modules to upskill in certain areas (e.g. project management, digital marketing etc.) The qualifications can open business opportunities and assist in starting an own business. Students wishing to pay towards a qualification will have 20% of their Free Ed credits going towards this qualification.

It has been proven that employers prefer those who have stared adversity in the face and come out on top.

Dr Marko Saravanja, Chairman of Regenesys comments, “We are delighted to offer free knowledge as a private higher education institution. What is unique about our model is that you can move to get your full degree, using the same knowledge when you pay for your certification. MTN, among other supporters, has been a great supporter of this cause. ”

For more information visit https://free.regenesys.net/

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