Social Media Marketing Strategies to Learn

Social media performance is crucial for any digital marketing strategy and in the current year, every organization is adept at creating a brilliant strategy. So, what’s the purpose of this blog when everyone already knows how to create an effective social media strategy? But, are social media strategies universal? Most strategies are particularly devised for Facebook and maybe even for Linkedin and Twitter. But, are these the only social media sites in existence today? The answer is No. There are so many niche social media sites, that can be targeted for promoting niche services or talents. The first task, of course, is to make a list of all the social media sites, including forums, and do the following:

  • analyze the popularity of the sites in terms of its SERPs
  • the visitors it sends to a website
  • competitor or other brand presence on these sites
  • the authority of the sites, etc.

Do not choose only a few platforms for marketing. But, do not choose to target every single social site as well, because it will affect the budget and resources.

Once the social media sites have been shortlisted, the marketing strategy needs to be planned. If the marketing team decides to focus on just the top most and popular social media sites and forums, well and good. But, if the strategy is to include more social platforms based on marketing requirements, a more thorough plan needs to be in place. Choose the date, time and platform to post or publish content. The content need not be decided beforehand as it is always subject to change based on trends.

Each platform is different and it should be treated different. For example, Linkedin posts should be more informative and professional. Posts used in Instagram should be vibrant to engage users. User demographic should be taken into consideration while designing the content.

Content is and will forever be the king, whether it is text, images, GIFs or videos. A good content is guaranteed to attract audience. If the content is great, the social media audience will take care of the distribution. However, while uploading content, such as blogs or videos, on personal website, it should be made easy to share on social media platforms. The content should also be a blend of text, images and videos. Posting of only one kind will deem the page bland and it will lose user engagement.

Give back to the online community. A quid pro quo approach to marketing will do wonders to one’s online reputation. Share user content on the page. It is known that people trust user generated content more than business generated content. Avoid posting only about the business, brand or product, and it will lead to community building.

Social media marketing strategies should be such devised that it portrays the brand as a human. The goals should be smart and SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound).

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