Regenesys research paper sought-after in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia

Regenesys associate professors Rajesh Sharma and Abhinanda Gautam published a research paper on consumer buyer behaviour which is doing very well on many scientific portals including Berlin-based ResearchGate.

ResearchGate is a portal for academics with more than 10 million members. Their mission is to connect researchers and make it easy for them to share and access scientific output, knowledge, and expertise.

Drs Sharma and Gautam submitted their paper, “Impact of Retail Formats on Consumer Buyer Behavior – A Study of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market in South Africa” in August last year and it was published in November.

Their statistics show that universities in Australia, the US, Germany, other parts of Europe and Asia have downloaded the paper which is a remarkable feat for these two academics. The research paper explores the impact of retail formats in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market by surveying a randomly selected sample of 96 respondents of consumers in the Sandton area.

The results of the survey showed that the respondents are aware of the different retail formats, which increase their potential as customers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). The empirical research found that hypermarkets, followed by convenience stores and supermarkets, are the most preferred retail stores by the customers for the purchase of FMCGs, whereas independent retail stores have an insignificant impact on customers.

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