Regenesys offers short courses fundamental to the ever-changing landscape of business

With rapid changes taking place continuously in today’s business landscape, there is no doubt that individuals and large corporations must recognise the immense importance of continued development and learning, as an essential part of success.

Regenesys is ranked the fourth best business school in South Africa (PMR.Africa 2015 and 2016) and guided by the highest ideals and driven by the purpose and need for continual human development in education.  Born from the ideas and vision of Dr Marko Saravania and Dr Penny Law, Regenesys has grown into a well-rounded educational powerhouse, making deep inroads into changing perceptions of business from a completely holistic point of view.

William Vivian joined Regenesys after working with Drs Saravanja and Law at Wits University, embarking on a journey with these passionate idealists to change the landscape of business, armed with a background in government and psychology, as well as being highly involved in the realm of development.

Together, these three individuals, who started out in a tiny office in Killarney with just 20 participants in their first training programme, created a campus that has been chosen by over 160 000 students and 1 000 reputable international clients in 195 countries as the preferred provider of education.

Our team of highly committed and qualified educators not offer contact learning in the classrooms on campus, but to reach our students all around the world, we offer online learning which provides a flexibility that affords students the ability to study in at their own pace, using highly interactive online programmes.

There can be little doubt, with the recognition received from the Department on Higher Education and Learning, as well as being a member of various academic boides, that the academic qualifications, short learning programmes and executive education programmes offered at Regenesys meet the highest levels of education in South Africa, which have expanded to campuses in Nigeria and India.

Regenesys is committed to, and passionate about awakening the true potential of individuals and organisations. If you are looking for the most entrepreneurial, innovative, technologically advanced and fastest-growing business school to take you to the next level in your journey through the world of business, contact us to guide you with expertise to that next step.

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