Regenesys is first SA business school to be accredited as a credit provider

Many students do not have the money to study. They need financial assistance but don’t know where to turn. Regenesys Business School has just become the only business school in South Africa accredited to be a credit provider. We can assist potential students to secure a student loan from a variety of banks and are registered as a credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA).

Our in-house Regenesys Student Loan Office can help secure the loan for you and give you, as a student, an alternative way of funding your studies, even if your application for a student loan was unsuccessful elsewhere. Current and future students now have further access to education, through Regenesys student loans and our flexible repayment plans.

The student loan facility is designed around the student or sponsor with affordable monthly payments on agreed terms and conditions.

Account executives from the student loan department will take time to explain and facilitate the loan application process on the behalf of all students seeking admission. The Regenesys Credit Committee evaluates the student loan application and will inform you of the repayment options.

You can then choose which monthly payment plan option you would prefer and it ranges between a 3 – 10 year duration or less, depending on you.

To apply, please contact our Student Loan Office at studentloans@regenesys.co.za

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