New Management Development Programme

The ‘New Manager Development Programme’ transforms new managers into high performing and effective team leads. In a fast changing business world, managers need to maintain the delicate balance between performance-based and people-based leadership.  As a new manager, Regenesys NMDP equips you with:

  • People skills to manage your team
  • Competency to deliver on projects within allotted time and budget
  • Decision making capacity to meet organizational expectations and goals

In five (5) core modules, this comprehensive programme helps you define a clear leadership direction, and shift from being task-oriented towards being more people and results oriented. Each core module can be delivered as a single course, depending on the competency area managers consider most relevant to their needs. Through experiential learning and use of case studies, the NMDP enables new and intending managers from different industries to generate actionable lessons that can be immediately implemented in their organizations.

The New Manager Development Programme is targeted at those who want to be effective in their managerial role; or those who take responsibility for the work of others such as project managers.

Application Form (NMDP)

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