Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management


The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) degree gives you an opportunity to get ahead in the business world and develops general management skills and prepares the junior executive who is serious about business for employment in middle management positions.

General information

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) programme provides emerging executives and middle managers who are serious about business, an opportunity to get ahead in the business world. This programme will enable you to make a real difference in your management practice through active use of frameworks, theories and tools.

Duration: 1 year


A three-year degree (NQF level 7) and relevant work experience


The PDBM is an NQF level 8 (120 credits) qualification offered over a minimum period of one year, and a maximum of two years.

Core Modules

Advanced Project Management

Advanced Human Resource Management

Financial Management and Management Accounting

Electives  (Choice of Two) (Based on student numbers)

Fundamentals of Research


Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Advanced Marketing Management

Sales Management

Advanced Operations Management

Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence

Advanced Retail Management

Each module requires the successful completion of a formative and summative assessments. The emphasis of the assessment is on the practical application of relevant theories and models. Students will be required to address challenges at work through organisation-specific projects.


Since business education involves putting theory into practice, we have assembled a world-class faculty team with exceptional industry experience. Each member will inspire you with the results of their research initiatives and experience-based insights into the best global management practices which are necessary for succeeding in emerging markets. Through our exposure to multiple industries, we can share best practices, demonstrate what works and what does not.

Career impact

Regenesys will help you optimise your career potential. Our friendly career office team assists in all aspects of getting you ready to climb the corporate ladder to achieve your dreams.


As part of the BPM programme, you get to understand your interests, values, strengths and weaknesses, which is the first step to success in career planning. Self-assessment tools are available to determine your optimal career path and identify your goals.

Career Counselling / Coaching

Individual sessions with our counsellors/coaches are available upon request. These sessions are useful to help you to clarify your goals and develop personalised ‘job-search’ strategies.

Work readiness

Workshops and training resources on topics ranging from CV writing and interview skills, to business etiquette and networking to prepare you for your job search are available upon request. Mock interviews can also be arranged to prepare you for real interviews.

Leadership Conversations

Our Leadership Conversations can link you to top business and industry leaders and show you which industries and areas are more likely to interest you.

Company Presentations and Recruitment Talks

When companies are invited to make presentations on their businesses and recruiting practices, this is a great way to learn more about different industries and specific company cultures.

Networking and Alumni Events

Having individual contacts and being in the right place at the right time often leads to job opportunities. Students are encouraged to attend off-campus networking events to meet professionals from a variety of industries. Our Alumni Committee also organises informal social functions that bring alumni and students together.

Career Events

Regenesys offers access to career events for interested individuals and organisations.

Getting Started

To get started, submit a completed application form, furnish us with a copy of your CV, a copy of your highest qualification and a copy of your passport. Send these documents to

Our office will check your documentation and get back to you with an acceptance letter should all be in order. After receipt of the acceptance letter you will be required to settle your first semester fee or payment in full. You may also elect to pay per semester but please note that this will result in a 5% surcharge on the net fees.

Alternatively, prior to receipt of an acceptance letter you may be requested to complete the RMAT test. Completion of the RMAT test is also necessary for scholarship applications.

If you are registering for our PDBM programme please furnish the following:

a Personal Statement as to why you want to do the PDBM (please limit your submission to no more than one page)

a completed registration form

a copy of your SHND Certificate or Statement of Result

a copy of your Academic Transcript (optional)

a copy of your Senior Secondary School Certificate

a copy of the Bio Data Page of your International Passport

Academic or Professional References

Our Academic Committee will review your documentation after which a letter of offer will be sent to you. If you are accepted you will be required to make payment based on the payment plan selected.

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