Message from the Dean: Change your negative beliefs and transform your reality positively

Are you wanting to transform your reality but not sure how to? Studies in quantum physics are providing compelling evidence to show how changing your beliefs can transform your reality.

According to quantum mechanics, everything in the universe is made up of energy and interconnected. Beliefs constitute vibrating energy patterns operating in an energy field, where transforming a belief results in the quantum energy field also changing.

Dr Penny Law

If our reality is influenced by our thoughts, then of what significance is this to you? It is of massive importance. This principle has the potential to transform your life profoundly. Based on the law of attraction, positive thoughts, actions and feelings contribute to creating a positive reality, whereas negative thoughts, actions and feelings will do the opposite. As beliefs create and transform reality, it implies we have to be mindful of our beliefs, particularly our conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Conscious beliefs are those that you’re aware of, such as the thought, “I know I’m a hard worker.” Unconscious beliefs or shadow beliefs are beliefs of which you’re unaware and suppress because they are too painful to face. Psychiatrist Carl Jung who coined the notion of shadow beliefs emphasised the importance of bringing our shadows into consciousness, otherwise they will insidiously sabotage your conscious beliefs, plans and goals.

These beliefs could come from what your teachers, parents, friends or colleagues who made a remark such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re useless”. This remark could have established a shadow belief where you unconsciously believe that you are stupid, useless and not good enough, and thereby create a corresponding reality.

Identifying shadow beliefs is surprisingly simple but generally more difficult to accept. When you tend to project your repressed thoughts onto others or when someone evokes a strong emotional response in you that is disproportionate to the situation, then it’s likely that you’ve found a shadow.

A response such as “I can’t stand my manager because he is so controlling and never has anything positive to say!” not only reflects the existence of a shadow but serves as an opportunity to learn from the existence of a negative belief. The adage, “If you spot it, you’ve got it” reflects how we tend to attract people in our lives who mirror our shadow beliefs and offer an opportunity to overcome the thoughts that obstruct you from achieving your full potential. In this way, people who generate strong emotions in you (such as irritation, anger, frustration and defensiveness) can be our best teachers because they highlight areas of personal development required to achieve your life purpose.

Replace shadow beliefs that have become conscious with helpful and positive beliefs.

It is critical that you craft your positive beliefs in a way that creates your desired reality. Your positive belief must be:

  1. Phrased in the present tense to create the reality that you desire.
  2. Stated as a positive statement e.g. “I am happy” instead of “I am not angry”.
  3. Short and simple for easy and effortless repetition.
  4. Repeated at least 100 times a day.

Remain steadfast, repeating your positive beliefs even though you might initially experience resistance. Even though the conscious mind knows the difference between what is real and not real, the subconscious mind struggles to make this distinction. However, constant repetition of the positive belief will eventually cause the subconscious mind to accept this belief as real.

Change your beliefs to change your reality.

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