Long-term partnership to benefit South African military veterans economically

The South African National Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) has partnered with Regenesys Business School, who will teach veterans about the essentials of business and train them to become entrepreneurs.

SANMVA is the statutory body formed out of various South African military veterans associations in line with Military Veterans Act, Act 18, 2011. The Department of

Military Veterans has a registered database of over 70,000 individuals, many of whom form part of the most marginalized and disempowered sections of our community. A large number are disabled with limited skills and resources. SANMVA will interact with the Department of Military Veterans to drive this programme.

Regenesys Business School assists individuals and organisations worldwide to achieve their personal and organisational goals by enhancing their management and leadership potential. Since 1998, over 140 000 students from more than 11 000 reputable local and international corporations have chosen Regenesys to be their education provider.

Regenesys CEO, Siegie Brownlee says, “We are very proud to be partners with SANMVA and to give back to our veterans by helping them to achieve their full potential, academically and economically.” SANMVA treasurer general, Brigadier General Raymond Fihla adds, “We welcome this partnership which will help provide much needed skills and education for many of our veterans and their dependents and enable them to join the business world to further contribute to society.”

The South African Business Development Institute (SABDI) headed by Alex Potgieter, facilitated the partnership. Potgieter who is the president of the SABDI, comments, “Our purpose and objective is to build and develop capacity with all organisational structures through defined educational programmes. This partnership will fulfil those goals.”

The partnership between Regenesys and SANMVA will, with funds permitting, see

1000 veterans and their dependents study various academic qualifications annually with Regenesys Business School and Regenesys School of Public Management. Work readiness and project management skills training will also be given to military veterans and their dependents to improve their employability.

An incubator programme to encourage entrepreneurship will be run with 200 selected businesses annually, hosted by Regenesys at the Midrand Conference centre. The partnership between SANMVA and Regenesys will secure funding for the veterans’ businesses founded through this programme. The Regenesys financial subsidiary, MyWealth Investments will educate SANMVA staff about trading and investments.

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