Learning in the age of Uncertainty

Learning in the age of Uncertainty

A couple of decades back, MBA was the golden goose and for many years, it remained a favorite of industry leaders and students alike. B-schools in Nigeria were revered as innovators. Whether it came to simulations, live projects or case studies, these schools were the initiators for advanced learning tools. Often, they tested and gave inputs on these tools before their polished version was introduced to others in the education sector.

Limited business schools meant higher demand for MBA programs in Nigeria and lesser seats for students. With time, a plethora of management institutions came into being. The ever-growing competition led to depletion of quality and lack of innovation. It wasn’t a good sign for traditional management education.

Thanks to emerging technologies, uncertainty has become a way of work in most businesses. Every year, a new technology emerges and disrupts an entire industry. B-schools need to have a seismic change in their approach towards education. It’s either disruption or complete oblivion for these schools.

Today, we live in a digital era. Times have changed, and new challenges require modern solutions. Business schools should encourage and promote curiosity and imagination amongst students. They need to also understand the importance of being resilient during adverse times.

Focus should shift on skill-based education, as it will help students prepare for the future. With such an approach, business schools will be able to fill the skill gap and meet market expectations.

Regenesys is ranked among the best online MBA programs Nigeria. Our focus remains on innovation and disruption. We constantly rework and rethink our approach to management education. It is going to pave the way for learning in the age of uncertainty. For more information about our programme, reach out to us at info@regenesys.com.ng


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