Leadership Development Programmes (LDP)


Regenesys’ Leadership Development Programmes are designed to guide leaders through critical points in the leadership pipeline. In every organization, successfully transitioning from one cadre to another requires a mental and skill-set adjustment; and application of appropriate work ethics. A lot of leaders in their transition journeys focus on simply acquiring leadership skills, which may not be contextual and therefore, ineffective at application stage. The leadership Development Programmes equip leaders with the right skills and values for optimal performance at every stage of leadership.


The leadership programmes for corresponding job cadres are:


Programme level
Job cadre
Public Sector Leadership Programme (PSLP) Managing others Public sector leaders and professionals
Executive Leadership Development Programmes (ELDP) Group and enterprise managers C-suite executives and divisional directors (e.g. CFO, CTO, CCO,CIO)
Advanced Management Development Programmes (AMDP) Functional managers Associate directors and functional managers
Management Development Programme (MDP) Manager of managers Managers and those in supervisory roles
New Manager Development Programmes (NMDP) Managing others Those preparing for managerial roles; functional specialists
Self Help Development Programme Managing self Junior officers & graduate trainees




  • Become a leader who is mentally ready and skilled to perform optimally in your roles
  • Be able to make the necessary mental and skill-set adjustment for optimal performance in their job role
  • Develop appropriate work ethics and skills to be effective at every stage in the leadership pipeline
  • Be able to transition seamlessly from various stages of leadership
  • Drive organizational performance through leadership at the right level