Is now a good time to pursue global MBA online?

Skepticism is running rife when it comes to education in current times. And this skepticism is more so in case of higher education. The fear of recession has stopped everyone in their tracks. But this is not the right time to stop. Au contraire, the timing will never be more perfect than this to take the first step of managerial journey.

Will I get a job?

Ask any counselor what the first question a student asks when applying for an MBA, and they will tell you that it is regarding the placement history of the institute. That’s alright; everyone should have an eye out on their future. Students that enroll for an MBA course now will have time on their side. An MBA course is for two years and by the time they graduate the world would be a much different place than it is today. The current economic downturn will be long gone and business would have picked up. Ideally, it would be the perfect time to graduate as the market would be looking to hire skilled MBA graduates to push businesses ahead.

How will I be able to network?

Networking is the soul of MBA. The bonds made during these programmes are a good way to collaborate and build businesses. But, another questions that students worry about is the networking in an online MBA. The several projects and activities that a student has to go through in an online course with their peers helps set up a productive network. A network is even better when the programme is for an online Global MBA. Because students get to interact with peers and faculties across the globe. This gives them an advantage of interacting with people belonging to different cultures and how they solve different business problems.

Is an online Global MBA a good choice?

Before the pandemic and the lockdown, the world was an open market. Businesses were flourishing in the global market. As the lockdown lifts, companies will be aggressively looking for markets and opportunities to sell and promote their goods and services. A graduate in Global MBA will be best suited to drive business.

Which is the best institute for online Global MBA?

While choosing an institute for MBA studies, it is imperative that students check out its curriculum. The curriculum at Regenesys Business School not only adheres to global standards but includes real world skills that give students a competitive edge. Students need to be data literate to adjust in the fast paced business world. Hence Regenesys curriculum includes courses on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine learning, Advanced Excel and Advanced Digital Marketing. These are tools that ensure that the employability of a student is high.

So, is it a good time to do an online Global MBA? The answer is – there never was a more perfect time to do a Global MBA online. The conditions are such that if you enroll for a programme, then you will be ready to reap the benefits two years from now, when the timing is ripe.

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