Importance of Soft Skills for MBA Grads

Imagine walking into a room full of people. It’s a job interview for a leadership position in a multinational company. The moment you step into the room until the very end of the meeting, you will be judged. The initial moments will be all about how you talk and your views about the company. Your technical skills and knowledge, also known as hard skills, come into play at a later stage of the interview. It explains why most business schools in Lagos have started giving importance to soft skills.

The value of your MBA in Lagos will enhance multifold if you can demonstrate mastery in soft skills. Employers prefer recruiting MBA grads who are not just technically sound, but also exceptional communicators and team players. For instance, if you are looking for a career in business, then you need to go beyond the common understanding of business systems, financial management, and analyzing big data. You would also be expected to communicate with clients, customers, and team members.

Why are Soft Skills Important?

You might have all the world’s knowledge and skills, but if you find difficulty in managing a bunch of underperformers who lack the motivation to give their best, then you’d struggle in the leadership position. A healthy and productive work environment largely depends on soft skills.

Leaders are expected to create an environment where relationships are fostered, and perspectives are shared.

As an efficient leader, you have to resolve conflicts and help your team thrive in the organization. Similarly, if you are an MBA grad and aim for a leadership position, you need to develop a good work ethic, emotional intelligence, compassion, and appreciate differences. You can fulfill these responsibilities with the help of soft skills.

Therefore, it is evident that soft skills are highly critical for MBA grads. At Regenesys, you can learn and master soft skills. We will help you gradually build these skills for standing out and excelling in your career. For more details about our International Leadership MBA programme which focusses on soft skills, you can reach out to us at info@regenesys.com.ng .

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