How can MBA graduates escape the comfort zone and embrace uncertainty?

“Comfort zone is the most dangerous place in the world”.

It is human to fall into the trap of familiar processes and comfort zone. All of us go through this phase at least once in our lifetime. The key is how you escape it and excel in a world, clouded with uncertainty. If you are an MBA graduate, then you need to be aware of this trap and get rid of it at the soonest. You may have enrolled in one of the best management courses in Lagos, but if you are stuck in the comfort zone, then all the world’s knowledge will go in vain.

You may come across highly revered leaders who have an extremely complex work pattern. They have developed it after years of practice. It might be working exceptionally well for them, but if there’s the slightest change in the situation or routine, then they fail to perform.

Today, in a world driven by technology, everything is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, the key is to embrace uncertainty and show the willingness to change. Following are some of the suggestions to escape the comfort zone and embrace uncertainty:

Acquire Knowledge and Interact:

The first step towards embracing uncertainty is to continuously acquire knowledge. As we discussed earlier, the world is rapidly changing, so you can stand-out by reading about these changes.

You can enrol for specialized courses to get hands-on experience in the subject. As an MBA graduate, you must also engage in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations with industry experts. These experts bring along years of experience, so they can help you prepare for the future.

Reskill and Rethink: 

While you are busy acquiring industry-specific knowledge, you must not miss out on rethinking about your present. Rethinking involves changing your present approach and attitude towards learning.

You might have graduated from a leading management institute, but the learning never stops, so you must keep brushing up your skills. It involves reskilling to meet the market expectations.

Most of us are acclimatised by years of practice to remain in the comfort zone. At Regenesys, we have designed curriculum such that our students not just step out of their comfort zone, but also embrace uncertainty. We also assist them to step out from their routine approach and embrace innovative thinking. Curious about our short management courses in Lagos, reach out to us at info@regenesys.com.ng


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