Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Are you a fresher who has just completed digital marketing course (hopefully, from Regenesys, because we cover all the modules) and now looking for a job? Good, then this article is just for you.

Let’s skip the blatant and banal “Tell me something about yourself” enquiry that has become the norm of most interview openers, and jump to the most frequently asked interview questions broached to a digital marketing fresher.

Question: Explain digital marketing.

Answer: Digital marketing is the process or technique of reaching out to consumers and engaging with them across digital platforms. The platforms can be search engines, social media and emails on desktops, mobiles or tablets.

Question: How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Answer: Traditional marketing includes print, TV or radio ads and banners, the traditional delivery medium. The problem with traditional marketing is that its outreach is limited to a local audience; compare this to digital marketing which has the potential to reach a global audience with real time interaction.

Question: According to you what is the biggest advantage that digital marketing has over traditional marketing?

Answer: There are several advantages, but the biggest advantage of digital marketing is the analytics tools which helps track and monitor the marketing initiatives.

Question: What is content in digital marketing?

Answer: Anything that represents a company or brand online is its content. Content can be text-based, image, graphics, videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc. Text can be in the form of blogs, eBooks, white papers, and images can be the infographics, carousel and even the logo of a company.

Question: Are content marketing and content strategy the same?

Answer: No. Content marketing is the content created for the customer to connect and engage with the business. Content strategy on the other hand is the process of planning, executing and measuring the content. Content strategy involves doing keyword research, competitor analysis, A/B testing etc.

Question: What do you know about on page and off page SEO?

Answer: On page optimization is concerned with the structure and content of a business’s digital properties; off page optimization largely deals with backlink building.

Question: List some of the way to increase traffic to a website.

Answer: Email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, paid search, referral traffic, guest blogging, forums, display advertisement, etc.

Question: What are some of the areas where keywords can be inserted in a website for optimization?

Answer: Keywords can be inserted in the body of blogs and articles, URLs, website title, meta tags and headlines.

Question: Which backlinks are deemed bad by the search engines?

Answer: There are several bad backlinks. Some of them are paid links, reciprocal links, links from irrelevant sites, from spammy sites and links with identical anchor texts.

Question: What are the drawbacks of digital marketing?

Answer: Since digital marketing is a cost effective method of marketing, there is immense competition, as every business has a digital presence. The repercussion of bad marketing will be detrimental to the brand. Hence digital marketing has to be done with extreme care.

These are some of the commonly asked interview questions fired at a digital marketing fresher. If you would like to learn about more such questions, leave us a comment.

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