Emotional intelligence is important for building strong leadership skills, conflict management and innovation in business

Regenesys has an executive team who, through their individual and educational qualifications, fully recognise that approaching education from a one-dimensional point of view is not enough to develop the innate characteristics of success in individuals that are so necessary in the fast-paced and ever-growing world of business and innovation.

Developing holistic learning programmes aimed at contributing positively to creating intellectually, emotionally and spiritually well-rounded leaders in business, is the pledge of the Regenesys founders who stay true to the vision and ideals that first gave birth to Regenesys.

The goal of the educational team is to meet the constantly evolving needs of students, whether they are entering, or already part of the business world, by designing learning programmes, specifically created to inspire and transform more than just the minds of students, but for that transformation to take place in the hearts and souls of their students as well.

Keeping up with the fluid business landscape to impact positively on the future means combining the many academic learning courses provided at Regenesys, with a fundamental basis to develop the positive values, attitudes and behaviours that students need for success.

Among the many short learning programmes offered by Regenesys, are courses focussing on Innovation, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence as well as Negotiation and Conflict Management, all of which focus on developing a fully integrated individual.

The Innovation and Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence courses highlight that technical competencies and cognitive or mental intelligence is no longer sufficient in the constantly changing business world.  Emotional and spiritual development is essential for reaching the highest levels of success in an evolving business world.

Regenesys positions both these programmes within the context of leadership, personal development, aimed at enabling participants in these courses to learn how to apply the principals of emotional and spiritual intelligence in the workplace, aimed at improving individual, team and organisational performance.

Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management is a short courses which focuses on negotiation being a ‘give and take’ bargaining process, which, if handled innovatively along emotional and spiritual intelligence, is meant to leave all parties feeling good about the outcome as well as committed to achieving it.  This course encompasses both hard and soft skills in negotiation and conflict management, exploring a range of strategies, techniques and constructive steps involved in the process of successful conflict management and negotiation.

Please view the broad spectrum of short learning courses we offer on our website and change your approach to business completely.

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