Doctorate of Business Management


The Doctorate of Business Management (DBM) qualification is ideal for self-motivated business managers and leaders who have proven themselves in the workplace but seek an intellectual challenge.
As a doctoral candidate you will have the opportunity to solve complex issues by following a rigorous research process that will contribute innovatively to the body of knowledge in the area of management and or leadership. 

You will start out by completing an advanced research methodology module, and then work independently – but in consultation with your supervisor – on your chosen research project. You will have the flexibility to meet the demands of work and family, but still receive regular face-to-face and online support from your supervisor at times that suit you both. 

As a graduate from this programme you will be recognised and respected not only for having the highest level of qualification in business management, but also for honing advanced problem-solving, meta-analytical and critical thinking skills that culminated in making an original contribution to the business world.
The DBM aims to develop the necessary knowledge and leadership skills needed for our future business leaders. The chosen area of research must fall within the discipline of leadership and management, underpinned by exceptional and methodical research and academic rigour. 

Prospective candidates must meet the requisite entry requirements and should be curious, independent thinkers, conversant with research, and eager to make a significant contribution to the field of leadership and management.


Provisional Registration

Once you have provided relevant information for the application process, you will be provisionally registered for the DBM. Candidates are required to meet the following conditions before they are fully registered:

Bridging Programme

Candidates who graduated with an MBA NQF level 8 qualification are required to complete an intensive two-day bridging programme to assist them to transition to an NQF 10 programme.

Advanced Research Methodology Module

All provisionally registered candidates are required to attend a three-day Advanced Research Methodology module that will prepare them for the DBM.

2019 Programme Schedule
Assignment Due 12 April
Sessions 08:30 – 16:00
Module Bridging Programme Programme 1 – 2 March
Module Advanced Research Methodology 16 – 18 April

Candidates are required to be in contact with their supervisors at least once a month.


1. This schedule is subject to change without prior notification.
2. Any such notification, together with any other relevant communication, will be posted on the student portal.
3. Students are therefore requested to check the portal regularly for notifications.
4. Academic rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to regarding academic issues, for example, submissions and evaluations.
5. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact your programme administrator via the “Post a Query” button under “Tools” on the student portal for a quick, effective response.
We will be able to track your query to ensure that it is addressed promptly.


Candidates who are fully registered for the DBM Programme are required to:
Submit a thesis that makes an original contribution to the body of knowledge in the area of management and or leadership; and
Have a research paper, co-authored with her or his supervisor, accepted for publication in an accredited journal.



Provisionally registered candidates will be appointed a research supervisor who will support them to submit a research proposal.

Career impact

Our Leadership Conversations can link you to top business and industry leaders and show you which industries and areas are more likely to interest you.

Company Presentations and Recruitment Talks

Companies are regularly invited to make presentations on their businesses and recruiting practices. This is a great way to learn more about different industries and specific company cultures.

Networking Events

Having individual contacts and being in the right place at the right time often leads to job opportunities. Students are encouraged to attend off-campus networking events to meet professionals from a variety of industries. Our Alumni Committee also organises informal social functions that bring alumni and students together.

Career Events

Regenesys offers access to career events for interested individuals and organisations.

Getting Started

DBM applicants are required to provide:

A completed application form

A resume / curriculum vitae

Certified copies of the degree certificate and academic transcript of their relevant master’s degree from an accredited institution, with a mark of at least 65% for either (a) both the modules and dissertation of a coursework masters, or (b) for the dissertation of a full research masters.

Statement of research intent: This one-page document should briefly outline what the applicant intends to research. The Higher Degrees and Research Committee (HDRC) will use this to gauge the candidate’s writing, research and other doctoral-level academic abilities.

This information will be reviewed and you will be informed in writing of whether you have proceeded to the next level.

Documentation Requirements

Your completed registration form or you can complete our online application

A certified copy of your highest qualification

A copy of your passport

A copy of your CV, which should include details of all of your work experience

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