Winning Business with Effective Presentation Skills


Presentations are an essential part of business. At any point in your career cycle, whether at entry level or as a member of senior management, you may need to have a board presentation, pitch to clients or speak to your team. Your presentation can only be effective if you have the skills to communicate verbally and speak publicly.
Take advantage of business opportunities by learning persuasive presentation skills that help you connect and communicate clearly with your audience. This course transforms you into a great verbal communicators. You will learn ways achieve impactful and memorable presentations, from preparation to delivery phase.

  • Become a persuasive communicator who can get desired responses during pitches, meetings, conferences and other business events
  • Develop and improve your public speaking skills
  • Win business opportunities and raise your business’ profit margin by effectively conveying your business message to partners and investors
  • Network and establish better connections with your partners and clients through effective communication
  • Understand personal assumptions when speaking to an audience
  • Develop personal tone and style during oral interaction
  • Be able to read non-verbal signals and respond clearly and sensitively to an audience
  • Understand how to use rhetorical devices (pauses, rhetorical questions, analogy, repetition, rhythm, annotation, and so on) effectively
  • Identify the value, attitudes and assumptions of speakers
  • Apply effective speakers’ techniques
  • Capture and retain audience attention
  • Develop ability to use visual aids to enhance a message

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