Utilizing Digital Marketing to grow your business


The explosion of digital technologies has increased customer connectivity like never before. In this new
digital age, traditional rules of marketing no longer apply as customers continue to join increasing digital
media platforms. By 2021, the population of social media users would have risen to 3 billion. A clear
digital media strategy is essential for your business to meet customers right where they are and position
your business for success in this digital world. From developing to implementing a successful digital
marketing strategy, this programme teaches you how to maintain a profitable digital presence for your
business and boost sales.
This programme is targeted at entrepreneurs, senior managers, managers and members of marketing

  • Introduce a profitable digital marketing plan into your business strategy.
  • Learn how to balance traditional marketing with digital marketing techniques
  • Gain knowledge of how to apply digital marketing practices to your business
  • Discover how to use the relationship between digital technologies, marketing and customer behaviour to your advantage
  • Be able to use social media tools to increase your customer base and product visibility
  • Understand how to plan and evaluate a digital marketing strategy

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