Turning Non-Financial Managers into Financial Analysts


In the dynamic business environment of today, managers need to understand the financial environment in which their business operates and the impact of macroeconomic variables and related government policies. This is important to guide profitable business decisions, and is only achievable with a foundation in finance.
This programme introduces participants to basic financial management principles in simple, easy-to-understand-and-apply formats. It will enhance their commercial acumen and financial analysis capabilities, thereby improving their ability to analyze situations and make decisions that will increase the value of the business.
The programme targets managers and senior executives who desire a foundation in corporate finance.


At the end of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Translate financial information into business objectives
  • Identify with and support company decisions that are based on macroeconomic trends and developments
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements toward improved management decision making
  • Apply simple cost-volume-profit analyses in reaching sound price discount decisions within the scope of their authority
  • Understand the impact of their decisions on the company’s bottom line
  • Interpret financial statements and ratios
  • Understand the principles of working capital management and their impact on profitability
  • Prepare budgets and apply variance analysis as a tool for budgetary control

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