Strategic Management


In a fast-paced global market, managers must develop the capacity to make decisions that can drive
business growth and boost competitive advantage. This requires ability to manage change in the
business environment, taking advantages of the strengths and opportunities, while minimizing threats
and risks. With this course, you develop a foundation in strategic management principles which enables
you to position your organisation for growth. You will learn to identify innovative opportunities and
balance your business vision against the practical realities of your current position and stakeholder


This course will benefit senior managers and executives, who desire to position their organisation for

  • Be able to develop and implement a business strategy that drives growth
  • Transform your business vision and mission into an actionable strategy plan
  • Sustain your competitive advantage by developing a strategy that is adaptable to varying business realities
  • Apply appropriate analytical tools and techniques in analyzing your organisation’s internal and external environment
  • Develop and evaluate various strategic options to meet organisational objectives taking into account globalisation, ethics, and corporate social investment issues
  • Implement and monitor strategy and revise where necessary
  • Apply knowledge of ethics and corporate social investment in strategic management
  • Demonstrate the importance of management information systems in strategic management

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