Strategic Human Resource Management


Dynamic factors such as digital technologies, shifting workforce demography and evolving business
strategies are changing workforce requirements and competency needs. To adapt to these changes in
the face of shifting human capital trends, human resource managers need to re-evaluate traditional
Human Resource (HR) management functions. They must support a strategy that helps organisations
maintain relevance in dynamic environments through strategic deployment of a competent workforce.
This course helps you achieve this through strategic human asset management. You will gain an
understanding of cultural, structural and personal techniques for efficient recruitment, induction,
training, performance management and engagement processes.


This course will benefit entry level and middle managers, human resource team members,
entrepreneurs and individuals who are keen on establishing a career in human resource management.

  • Be able to apply key human resource management models
  • Diagnose behavioural problems across the organisation for the purpose of informing organisational strategy
  • Apply different leadership theories, models, styles and roles on human resource management practices
  • Understand human resource systems and management trends that best inform successful business practices
  • Integrate labour relations strategy within a strategic human resource management environment
  • Incorporate all relevant legislation within current human resource management paradigms
  • Formulate a strategic human resource planning process and align it with business strategy and business plans
  • Develop an effective organisational culture and reward systems
  • Integrate organisational processes, systems, structure and culture for use in strategic decision making pertaining to human resource management
  • Apply adequate team management techniques in the implementation and monitoring of business strategy implementation
  • Apply emotional and spiritual intelligence to manage the performance of a team

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