Research Methodology


Making sound management decisions require an understanding of increasingly complex business
environments. As a manager in the private or public sector, you can only solve problems and make
decisions based on accurate information of your internal and external situation. The research
methodology course introduces scientific approaches to management decision-making where problems
range from simple cause and effect phenomena to complex social, political, and economic phenomena
with multiple variables. You will be equipped with tools to carry out systematic research, resulting in
better decision making.


This course will benefit executives and managers across both the private and public sectors (including
not-for-profit organisations), who want to develop a strong information base to solve business


  • Gain an understanding of the principles, concepts and terminologies used in basic research
  • Apply various research methods within your business environment
  • Understand the relationship between information resources and the knowledge management process of a specific organisation
  • Be able to analyze and apply research data and in business decision-making;
  • Apply the research process in resolving a business problem
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply advanced statistical and other scientific data analysis techniques
  • Comply with ethical issues in business research
  • Develop and present a professional research proposal

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