Project Management


Project managers face challenges ranging from delivering quality projects within allocated time and
resources; to managing team members and stakeholders within the project cycle. Balancing these
elements is critical to delivering a project that meets the strategic objectives of your organisation. From
technical skills to soft skills, this programmes equips you with the ability to support any project through
its complete lifecycle. This course introduces you to project management, from initiation, planning,
implementation, to monitoring and evaluation phases. You will also learn project leadership, team
dynamics, stakeholder management and techniques relating to project documentation, reporting and
outsourcing. At the end of this programme, you would have gained comprehensive project management
knowledge to achieve organisational goals and deliver value to stakeholders.


This course will benefit managers, project team members and entrepreneurs who have a fundamental
understanding of project management and require additional skills and knowledge to hone their

  • Understand the link between strategic, programmes and project management; and apply where necessary
  • Manage key project management failure and success factors
  • Apply relevant tools to the project management cycle
  • Be able to develop a project plan and conduct stakeholder analysis
  • Be able to adequately allocate project resources and cost
  • Gain understanding on how to navigate project implementation challenges
  • Be able to manage group dynamics and lead project teams effectively
  • Apply project management definitions, theories, models and principles
  • Select and apply relevant strategies and tools used in the project management life cycle:
    o Initiate
    o Plan
    o Execute
    o Monitor and control
    o Close a project
  • Identify and manage stakeholders appropriately in the project management life cycle
  • Manage time, costs and quality effectively and efficiently in complex and dynamic environments
  • Maximise human resource in project management
  • Navigate project risks and develop a proactive risk management plan
  • Understand the need for project management software as a project management tool
  • Make autonomous ethical decisions and contribute to the development of ethical project management standards
  • Be able to develop professional project documents and reports
  • Gain an understanding of key issues relating to outsourcing, contract and tender management
  • Evaluate key project success and failure factors
  • Be able to apply current project management policies and procedures.

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