Performance Management


Organisations face continual change, which brings with it new organisational structures. These have consequences for performance management. As organisations flatten, the classic employee-line manager relationship has all but disappeared. Some organisations have dispersed with the management role altogether. How do managers manage performance systems under these conditions? This course explores the concepts, skills and processes of performance management. You will learn how to implement performance management systems through goal setting, development planning and performance measures; and to support a performance culture that delivers productivity in your organisation.


This course is intended for managers, team leads and all persons who need to manage individual and team performance.

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  • Be able to set measurable, clear and achievable performance goals
  • Develop a performance culture that integrates performance management systems and your organisation’s strategy
  • Be able to quantify performance measures to facilitate performance evaluation
  • Formulate plans in a clear manner and define it in terms of specific improvement actions, time frames and accountability
  • Apply performance evaluation techniques that are valid, current and sufficient
  • Align performance goals and measures with organisational and industry practices and values
  • Address competence gaps and poor performance; inspire good performance

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