Organisational Behavior and Development


Managers often struggle with maximizing human capital and inspiring employee loyalty in organisations.
An understanding of human behaviour and group dynamics within an organisation helps managers
predict and control employee behaviour, motivate employees and implement effective strategies for
optimal use of human resources. This course introduces concepts and models that guide your
understanding of organisational development processes. You will be able to inspire desired behaviours
that benefit the organisation, anticipate reactions before implementing change and drive a workplace
culture that inspires growth and profitability.


This course will benefit managers, change agents, consultants, human resource managers and
practitioners involved in organisation change initiatives.

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  • Apply organisational development models and processes to your organisation
  • Design and propose organisational development and change management tools and processes
  • Gain an understanding of the role organisational culture plays in organisational development
  • Develop a plan that integrates organisational development strategy and business strategy
  • Gain an understanding of ethical issues in the identification, formulation and implementation of organisational development interventions.
  • Apply appropriate knowledge and skills in evaluating organisational development models and processes
  • Design and propose organisational development and change management tools and processes across different business sectors
  • Inspire an organisational culture encourages high performance and productivity
  • Apply the most effective organisational development intervention strategy in different scenarios
  • Maximize the human resources in your organisation