Operations and Supply chain Management (SCM)


Infrastructural challenges, changing customer demands and distribution constraints are complicating supply chain processes and increasing risks. On the other hand, there are opportunities that technology and widening customer preferences present. Successful operations and supply chain management depends on a strategy that manages risks and harnesses new opportunities generated by technology and innovation. With this course, you can outshine competition and create superior value for your customers through seamless operations and efficient supply chain management. The course explains how to manage your chain process, from distribution through all the relevant networks and channels to delivery phase. You will gain knowledge on how to navigate the SCM cycle, manage stakeholder relationships and build infrastructure for meeting customer demand both nationally and internationally.



This course will benefit operations and supply chain managers; and those who desire to achieve
seamless operations and supply chain management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to develop and implement a business strategy that drives growth
  • Be able to develop an operations and supply chain strategy and support strategic capacity management
  • Evaluate manufacturing and service operations, including process design and quality control
  • Gain comprehensive understanding of supply chain process, including logistics, distribution and transportation
  • Apply the theory of constraints
  • Understand the implications of global sourcing and procurement
  • Support a strategy that harnesses the importance of management information systems in operations and supply chain management
  • Review and critique enterprise planning systems
  • Integrate issues related to ethics and corporate social investment into operations and supply chain management

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