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New Manager Development Programme (NMDP)

DATE – 27TH – 31ST MAY, 2019     PRICE- N325,000 (Block programme with 5 Modules)

The ‘New Manager Development Programme’ transforms new managers into high performing and effective team leads. In a fast changing business world, managers need to maintain the delicate balance between performance-based and people-based leadership.  As a new manager, Regenesys NMDP equips you with:

  • People skills to manage your team
  • Competency to deliver on projects within allotted time and budget
  • Decision making capacity to meet organizational expectations and goals

In five (5) core modules, this comprehensive programme helps you define a clear leadership direction, and shift from being task-oriented towards being more people and results oriented. Each core module can be delivered as a single course, depending on the competency area managers consider most relevant to their needs. Through experiential learning and use of case studies, the NMDP enables new and intending managers from different industries to generate actionable lessons that can be immediately implemented in their organizations.

The New Manager Development Programme is targeted at those who want to be effective in their managerial role; or those who take responsibility for the work of others such as project managers.

  • Become an effective manager in your organization
  • Be able to adapt the right managerial strategy to workplace scenarios
  • Address challenges to effective team performance and boost team output
  • Understand and apply relevant project management processes, in line with organizational objectives
  • Exceed customer expectation and maintain organizational performance by managing quality

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  • Developing a Winning Team
  • Improving Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategy Tools for Managerial Effectiveness
  • Project Management Simplified
  • Financial Decision Making for Managers

The programme can be customized for groups of 10 or more delegates from same organization. Customization could be in the form of content, duration, mode of delivery or assignments.


Delegates who attend contact sessions for all mandatory modules and complete assignments will obtain a Regenesys New Manager Development Programme Certificate of Participation.

Delegates who attend contact sessions but do not complete assignments will obtain a Certificate of Attendance for modules attended.

Delegates who successfully complete assignments and the examination will obtain a Certificate of Completion.

DATE – 27TH MAY, 2019     PRICE- N65,000



Within a diverse workforce, successful managers drive team capacity through leadership. ‘Developing a Winning Team’ provides new and intending managers with proven strategies for maximizing the strength of their teams and inspiring high performance. Team leads acquire practical skills, and are able to determine the best leadership styles, delegate tasks, manage conflict, and accomplish seamless team co-ordination in achieving organisational goals. As a participant in this programme, you will emerge with a clear leadership direction, transformed understanding on how best to manage your team and insights on developing a high-performance team.


The programme is targeted at new and intending managers. It is structured as a workshop that provides the opportunity for participants to engage, interact and share valuable experiences.

  • Effective Leadership Attitude
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Delegation and Motivation
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Performance Management
  • You will be able to adapt different leadership styles to suit changing workplace scenarios
  • Acquire skills to be able to develop a highly motivated and high performing team
  • You will be able to inspire your team and achieve organisational goals through communication


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DATE – 28TH MAY, 2019    PRICE- N65,000





With the increasing power of choice facing the customer of today, businesses need to stand out by exceeding customer expectations. Discover how to stay ahead of competition and maintain customer satisfaction, secure loyalty, deliver high quality service and product offerings. With this programme, you are able to differentiate your business by delivering great customer experience through effective quality management.

It is targeted at entry level managers in product and service based companies, and those whose job objectives are tied to customer satisfaction

  • Introduction to Quality Management
  • Customer Perceptions of Quality
  • Costs of Quality
  • Process Management
  • Internal and External Customer Alignment
  • Service Quality Indicators
  • Quality Action Teams
  • Develop an understanding of how quality management frameworks can be implemented in your organisation
  • Exceed customer expectations by implementing improved quality management processes
  • Gain deeper insights into customer’s perspective and leverage knowledge to improve output and stay ahead of competition

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DATE – 29TH MAY, 2019    PRICE- N65,000



 Become a flexible leader who can adapt to different project scenarios and demands. ‘Strategy Tools for Managerial Effectiveness’ is designed to enable managers be efficient and productive in a dynamic work environment. You will emerge from this programme as an effective decision maker who is able to drive team performance and solve problems in changing business conditions. The programme design draws from strategic managerial tools to help you navigate long and short term challenges, and achieve organisational objectives.

  • Management and Planning Tools
    • Affinity Diagram
    • Interrelationship Digraph
    • Tree Diagram
  • Quality Control Tools
    • Flowchart
    • Run Chart
    • Control Chart
  • Apply appropriate problem solving and decision making tools in the context of a work group or team
  • Identify and document all of the possible issues related to an organisational problem or issue in a structured manner
  • Use appropriate tools to identify and document root causes of organisational and process related problems
  • Explore the interrelationships between organisational problems with a view to identifying the most effective means for proffering solutions;
  • Use appropriate tools for effectively carrying people along in the process of organisational planning as well as in identifying problems and possible solutions to the problems; and
  • Use a structured methodology in assessing the relative attractiveness of optional decisions based on defined criteria

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DATE – 30TH MAY, 2019     PRICE- N65,000





 Secure Return on Investments (ROI) and meet your client demands with the right processes to carry your project through its lifecycle. ‘Project Management Simplified’ will help you maintain the balance between managing your client and team through performance processes and strategic project structuring. At the end of the programme, you will be able to reduce inefficiencies, manage risks, maximize resources and deliver high quality projects while also meeting client expectations.

  • The Project Management Process
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Key Project Management Tools
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Success and Failure Factors
  •  Be able to apply project management concepts to workplace scenarios
  •  Be able to manage group dynamics and project teams effectively
  •  Provide solutions to problems that arise during project execution
  •  Apply key project management tools and techniques such as formulating goals  and objectives, work breakdown structures, Gantt charts and budgeting
  • Maximize resources and execute high quality projects within scope, budget and  time allocated
  • Effectively manage appropriate stakeholders in the project management process
  • Reduce inefficiencies and minimize risk of project failure

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DATE – 31ST MAY, 2019      PRICE- N65,000






As a manager, ‘Financial Decision Making for Managers’ helps you build consistent growth by equipping you with skills to interpret financial information and monitor business performance. The course moves from theory and focuses on how managers can make better business decisions in a volatile economic environment. You will develop an understanding of how to financially position your business and raise profit margins.

  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Understanding Financial Statements and ratios
  • Fundamentals of Costing
  • Budgeting and Financial Control
  • Working Capital Management
  • Be able to support company decisions that are based on macroeconomic trends and developments
  • Apply simple cost-volume-profit analyses in reaching sound price discount decisions within the scope of their authority
  • Understand how your decisions impact on the company’s bottom line
  • Interpret financial statements and ratios; understand the principles of working capital management and their impact on profitability
  • Prepare budgets and apply variance analysis as a tool for budgetary control

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