Mentoring and coaching


The nature of interaction between team members and their leader is vital to overall team performance
and productivity. As a decision maker or manager in an organisation, coaching and mentoring enables a
mutually beneficial relationship with employees by improving your leadership skills and supporting
personal and professional development of your team. This course introduces you to leadership
techniques that drive results through supporting your employee’s short and long term professional
goals. You will develop the ability to motivate your employees, cultivate their trust and enhance
performance standards.


This course is targeted at supervisors and managers who want to raise the performance of their teams
and employees.


  • Be able to analyze the needs of your team members and design a people development plan
  • Develop mentoring and coaching abilities to be applied based on individual needs
  • Be able to differentiate between mentoring and coaching; and recognize when each should be applied.
  • Gain a better understanding yourself and improve your leadership skills
  • Gain knowledge and apply theories associated with mentoring and coaching
  • Identify the need for mentoring and coaching through discussions with the person to be mentored or coached
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with your employees
  • Develop a plan for individual mentoring and coaching
  • Apply the communication skills and techniques required of a mentor or coach
  • Be able to develop a plan for a mentorship programme in the workplace
  • Monitor a protege’s progress and provide feedback in the workplace

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