Marketing Management


In today’s complex marketing landscape, managers and marketing experts need to constantly generate
value for customers across multiple channels by implementing an integrated marketing strategy. This
programme enables you support a customer-driven marketing strategy that positions your business to
stand out from your competition and drives profit. You will be introduced to marketing tools that will
drive strategic decision-making on products, pricing, promotion, and distribution across multiple
markets. You will learn how to use knowledge of market segmentation, competitor analysis, customer
behaviour and digital channels to create sustainable value for customers.


This course will benefit managers, marketing team members, entrepreneurs and individuals keen who
are on establishing a career in marketing management.

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that delivers customer value and business profit in local and international markets
  • Be able to analyze markets and make business projections based on customer and competition insights
  • Make informed adjustments to market changes and maintain business relevance
  • Gain insights into competitor positioning in order to stay ahead
  • Be able to translate customer behaviours and needs into marketing strategy objectives
  • Understand how to leverage the power of digital marketing channels
  • Be able to navigate challenges in implementation of marketing strategies;
  • Apply decision-making tools and information to recommend appropriate marketing interventions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of relationship marketing as a critical aspect
    of strategic marketing management
  • Be able to integrate business ethics with marketing strategy
  • Be able to strategically position your business in consumer and industrial markets; and apply a marketing strategy that transforms your business

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