Machine Learning


  1. An introduction to terminologies, definitions, and concepts of Machine Learning The evolution and future of Machine Learning
  2. Introduction to relevant Machine Learning techniques, decision trees, algorithms, datasets, and statistical techniques Overview of principles, techniques and business applications of Machine Learning
  3. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Classification, regression, and clustering
  4. Performance evaluation of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning algorithms Deep Learning for business
  5. Best practices in Machine Learning
  6. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science and Blockchain Machine Learning challenges and the future

There are two Machine Learning programme options; Introductory and Advanced

Introduction to Machine LearningThis programme is for leaders and managers who need to deepen their understanding of Machine Learning and support digital transformation in order to create the organisation’s strategic competitive advantage. This programme does not require technical Machine Learning skills.

Duration: Two days of contact learning or 16 hours of online learning delivered over a period of one month.

Advanced Machine LearningThis programme is for professionals involved in Machine Learning projects and initiatives. The programme is also well suited for the youth, students, and graduates who wish to pursue a professional career in Machine Learning.

Duration: One month of contact learning or 60 hours of online learning delivered over a period of three months.

These programmes can be customised for specific client needs and sectors.

Successful participants will receive a Certificate in Machine Learning from Regenesys Institute of Management, based in India.

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