Leadership, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence


Beyond technical skills and cognitive capabilities, leaders need a deep level of self-awareness and
control over emotions to lead effectively. In order to deliver balanced leadership, leaders must drive
corporation and empathy, through emotional and spiritual intelligence. This programme helps you
manage your emotions in relation to different work scenarios, deepen your self-awareness and develop
skills for leading diverse teams. Your understanding of leadership will be challenged, and you will leave
with a dynamic leadership approach that can positively influence your organisation and raise
productivity levels.


This programme is targeted at managers and team leads, who want to get the best out of their
employees and boost productivity.

  • Understand perceived and tested relationships between leadership and behavioural constructs and concepts at individual, group and organisational level
  • Understand the distinction between leadership and management
  • Apply available leadership theories and gain critical insight into your leadership style
  • Develop and apply different types of influence tactics in different leadership situations
  • Apply effective and efficient leadership models designed for managing change and transformation
  • Identify, develop and evaluate your leadership skills
  • Apply analytic tools pertaining to organisational culture and gain clear understanding of how leadership influences organisational culture
  • Understand the complexities of multicultural organisations and be able to diversity in such contexts
  • Analyze organisational problems and issues from an EQ and SQ framework.
  • Be able to apply SQ, EQ, IQ and PQ in the workplace
  • Gain an understanding of SQ, EQ, IQ and PQ principles and models
  • Be able to communicate professionally in the workplace
  • Apply critical thinking to solve complex problems
  • Apply innovative techniques and models
  • Understand the key principles and techniques of healthy living


  • Leadership within Context
  • Personal Intelligences
  • Organisational Consciousness: Applying EQ and SQ in the Workplace
  • Leadership, Organisations and Society

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