International Management


As business operations increasingly transcend borders, organisational leaders need to expand their skills
to accommodate more complex business relationships and dynamic environments. Executives need to
consider a mix of political, economic, cultural, regulatory and technological factors to make effective
business decisions. The International Management course prepares you to successfully grow and
manage global operations, by providing comprehensive knowledge of the unique challenges and
opportunities that global markets present. You will be introduced to strategic and cross-cultural
management tools that will position your organisation for international growth, while maintaining local


This programme is targeted at c-suite executives and senior managers of corporations with global
operations, responsible for strategic decision making.

  • Formulate entry strategies, including appropriate organisational structures and control systems for global operations.
  • Develop an effective leadership framework that accommodates the dynamics of international operations.
  • Be able to navigate international business challenges and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Understand how the globalised economy and decisions of governments affect your business.
  • Understand international and national financial flows, how they shape economies, and specifically the capacity of countries to develop their economies in the pursuit of investment and international trade.
  • Understand how trading blocs influence economic growth.
  • Be able to situate your business in the cultural context of global management.
  • Be able to manage the complexities of human resource management in the context of international management.

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