Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


In managing business operations, organisations struggle with integrating communication channels and
keeping stakeholders in sync with business goals and processes. This programme introduces you to
essential ICT and MIS/IT management best practices that allow you leverage the power of ICT to
improve business efficiency and offer high quality services. You will discover how to use ICT as a tool to
develop your business processes, improve customer relationship and gain competitive advantage.


This programme is targeted at managers and entrepreneurs who desire a foundation in ICT.


  • Develop an advanced understanding of the role and importance of information and communication technology in management.
  • Evaluate international trends in using ICT to improve business performance and the quality of service.
  • Interrogate key challenges of integrating ICT with business processes and management systems.
  • Conceptualise, develop and implement a technology-driven customer relations strategy.
  • Be able to use and apply databases, call-centres and web-based technologies in improving customer relations management (CRM).
  • Be able to use ICT in improving business effectiveness and efficiency

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