Identifying Opportunities for Innovating along your Supply Chain


Supply chain processes are becoming more complex. Increasing consumer demands and products mean that managers need to develop ways of maintaining competitive advantage and managing multiple actors within the supply chain. You want to find innovative ways of exceeding customer expectations by reducing your time to market, developing new products and taking advantage of technology. This programme reveals ways to transform your supply chain through frameworks that apply innovation to your processes. You will gain knowledge on how to integrate and optimize your supply chain flow from sourcing and production to distribution.
The programme is targeted at supply chain managers and senior executives who want to contribute to organizational through supply chain innovation.


Discover opportunities for innovation along your supply chain
Apply the principles, policies and procedures of supply chain management
Comply with the ethics and code of conduct for supply chain management to secure and manage supplier contracts
Utilise supply chain management systems and procedures to improve efficiency and profitability
Identify and apply e-commerce principles to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain at a tactical level
Apply relevant processes to make decisions regarding quality, quantity, supplier selection, pricing decisions and timing of purchases within the Supply Chain Management framework

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