Starting and sustaining a business can be rewarding yet challenging. A large percentage of start-ups fail
within the first 5 years of creation because of issues that include unavailability of capital and lack of
business relevant-skills. To be successful, you need to cultivate skills that can sustain your
entrepreneurial journey from the point of idea development to start-up management.
This course is designed for business owners to explore strategies that will help them navigate the
challenges of starting and sustaining new ventures; or revitalise mature companies through
intrapreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you will acquire the personal and managerial skills needed to
attract investors, evaluate opportunities and bring the right people onboard, while developing intuition
and capacity for innovation. You will leave this programme with an entrepreneurial mindset, equipped
with the appropriate skills to manage your business through its growth phases.


This programme is targeted at entrepreneurs as well as new and intending business owners who desire
to establish and grow a small to medium business venture.


Cultivate the personal characteristics and skills required of an entrepreneur to facilitate the
successful start-up and operation of a new venture
Apply the principles of an entrepreneur in managing a business
Maximise opportunities and manage risks throughout your entrepreneurship journey
Gain understanding of the entrepreneurial process and identify entrepreneurial employment
Assess the viability of a new venture, identifying capital requirements, assets, revenue and
costs, success and failure opportunities.
Apply ethics in business
Identify and compare all short-term and long-term funding options offered by the finance
industry for new ventures
Be able to interpret income statements and balance sheets
Gain understanding of current legal and human resource legislation
Evaluate business risks
Identify, gather and analyze the relevant information needed to compile a business plan
Establish and prioritise business, financial and operational goals and objectives for a new
Design and present business, financial and marketing plans for a new venture
Identify information resources of available businesses and new markets accessed through the
tendering process

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  • An Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Have You Got What It Takes?
  • The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • The Entrepreneurial Process
  • Assessing the Financial Viability of the New Venture
  • Drawing Up Your Business Plan
  • Presenting Your Business Plan to Financiers
  • Management Information Systems
  • Practical Aspects of Starting a New Business in South Africa

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