Design Thinking

Mode of Study

3-day Workshop | 3-month Programme



The course enables participants to design better products, services, processes, strategies, spaces, architecture, and experiences. It leads to skill development for developing practical and innovative solutions for problems. The course explains the innovative design process that is human-focused and prototype-driven. The participants will develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamental phases and methods in design thinking, and how to implement them in professional life.

The course is suitable for designers, project managers, software engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers or anyone who is interested in learning an innovative problem-solving approach.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the concept of design thinking
  • Application of design thinking across many disciplines
  • Hands-on application of design thinking to a given problem
  • Connecting design thinking to your area of work


NOTE: The course can be customized based on individual and organizational requirements.

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