In a fast changing business environment organisations need to constantly build distinctive competitive
advantage over their competition or risk losing their differentiation factor. This can only be achieved by
developing a competitive strategy that can fit changing business scenarios. This course provides insights
on how to define your business, develop long term plans in order to understand competitive forces,
maintain a defensive position and constantly be a step ahead of your competition. You will gain
comprehensive understanding of frameworks that will help you distinctively position your business to
take advantage of innovation and sustainable growth opportunities.

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This course will benefit middle and senior level managers, strategists, executives, project and
programme managers, entrepreneurs, change agents and individuals who are responsible for
formulating and implementing organisational strategy.

  • Understand and interrogate the context of competition, corporate strategy and relevant
  • Understand and interrogate the context of your organisation.
  • Analyze, formulate and implement strategy in different business environments for achieving
    competitive advantage.
  • Apply and review investigative skills in understanding industry strategies.
  • Select and apply different strategic analytical tools and techniques for leveraging organisational
  • Formulate and explain strategies for managing competitive and co-operative dynamics.
  • Develop business plans and devise systems aimed at efficient management within global
    Distinguish between corporate and business strategy
    Understand corporate governance and the roles and obligations of boards of directors

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