Communicate Effectively with Business Writing


Written communication is an integral part of business, as managers are expected to write reports,
emails and letters for different audiences and purposes. To avoid misinterpretation and maintain
originality of message, you must convey the right message through clear and concise communication.
This course takes you through the fundamentals of concise and effective business writing. You will be
equipped with skills to draft emails, memos, reports and other communications materials that
strategically advance your business objectives. The programme is targeted at senior managers and
professionals who want to leverage the power of effective written communications skills.

  • Learn business writing skills that help you convey and advance your business message to different audiences
  • Achieve your business objectives through persuasive business communication
  • Identify, respond to and use textual features and conventions specific to texts
  • Use information explicitly stated in a text as well as industry or sector knowledge, intuition and personal experience as a basis for conjectures and hypotheses;
  • Identify the intended audience for the communication and convey message appropriately using the right text, format and layout

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