Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


In trying to balance accountability and integrity while seeking out market opportunities, business
enterprises are often subject to question. By creating an ethical foundation and governance framework,
senior leadership can drive strong company performance, make ethical decisions, and increase long term business success. This course introduces you to the principles and challenges of corporate
governance, business ethics and performance management to drive business profitability.

  • Assess the need for creating a common set of values within an organisational business ethics
  • Understand how ethics impacts on business and profitability.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the legal nature of a company by critically analyzing separate
    legal personality and its application to corporate governance.
  • Apply governance and control measures in different business environments.
  • Analyze accountability and responsibility in relation to corporate governance and ethics with
    respect to the directors, board committees, auditor and company secretary.
  • Apply relevant codes of governance to a business environment.
  • Apply case studies to demonstrate the value and importance of corporate governance.

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  • A Critical Introduction to Business Ethics
  • Proactive Good Citizenship
  • Legal Persona Meets Ethical Values
  • Seeking Strong Common Values
  • Corporate Governance: External or Internal?
  • Aspirational Corporate Governance



This course is targeted at recently appointed board members, company secretaries, managers and
individuals who are responsible for promoting business ethics and sound corporate governance practice
in public and private sector organisations.

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