Blockchain & IoT

Mode of Study 
3-day Workshop | 3-month Programme


The programme is designed to enable participants get insights about emerging concepts of Blockchain, Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and Internet of Things (IoT). It will give them an idea about the platforms used for the above and how to use the latest tools. The programme will also take the participants through the evolution and transformation of IoT, features, technology components, upcoming wireless connectivity ecosystem, open data, data analytics, privacy applications, security issues of IoT.

The course is suitable for IT professionals, software engineers, developers, programmers and other technocrats.


Learning Outcomes

  • A grasp of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain scenarios
  • Knowledge of core Blockchain platforms & terminology used
  • Practical experience in real-world Blockchain development scenarios.
  • Idea about Internet of Things development
  • Characteristics of IoT platforms and user interfaces


NOTE: The course can be customized based on individual and organizational requirements.

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