Become a Dynamic Leader : Learn how to Leverage Emotional Intelligence


Beyond cognitive and technical abilities, emotional intelligence is an indispensable trait for anyone at any level of an organization. As a leader, you work with teams of diverse social and cultural backgrounds to deliver complex organizational goals in a constantly changing business environment. How do you manage your relationship with others, manage your emotions and develop an exceptional leadership style that fits several work scenarios?
This course equips managers and leaders with the ability to build lasting relationships and increase productivity in the workplace, through self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and conflict management. You will improve your leadership style by learning to manage the emotional responses of your diverse team and navigate through a relationship-driven business environment.
The programme is targeted at managers and executives with key people-management responsibilities, including but not limited to departmental and divisional heads, project managers, general managers, directors, COOs and CEOs. It is also ideal for CEOs and leaders of small and medium sized organisations and NGOs.


Leadership within Context
Leadership Theories and Styles
Applying Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) in the workplace
Leadership’s Influence on Organizational Culture
Managing Diversity within Multicultural Organizations

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  • Make balanced decisions by integrating feelings and thoughts
  • Improve business performance by building better relationships with your partners and team
  • Deepen your self-awareness as a leader, and navigate the emotional responses of others
  • Gain understanding of perceived and tested relationships between leadership and behavioural constructs and concepts at individual, group and organizational level
  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Gain critical insight into one’s own leadership style using available leadership theories
  • Formulate and apply different types of influence tactics in different leadership situations;
  • Apply effective and efficient leadership models designed for managing change and transformation
  • Identify, develop and evaluate leadership skills
  • Understand, examine and apply analytic tools pertaining to organizational culture and how
    leadership influences organizational culture
  • Manage complexities of multicultural organizations and handle diversity in such contexts
  • Be able to integrate team-based and individual learning
  • Analyze and solve organizational problems and issues from an EQ and SQ framework

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