Achieving Growth with Contemporary Sales Techniques


Traditional sales methods are increasingly giving way for more sophisticated and modern techniques in this digital age. To stay ahead of competition, it is important to develop a customer-centric sales strategy that aligns your business with customer needs to maximize output.
This programme equips you with sales management tools that help you navigate internal and external business environments, to achieve growth. You will discover contemporary trends in sales force management that considers the relationship between product-based and relationship-based selling approaches, with the customer at the centre. This programme will leave you with the ability to build long-term customer relationships and make profitable business decisions that drive growth.

  • Apply and translate sales management theories and models to profit opportunities
  • Translate your business objectives appropriate sales strategies taking into account significant trends in the external business environment and the internal organizational environment
  • Implement a sales management approach that maintains customer relationship within any marketing context
  • Gain an understanding of sales force size and structure within different contexts
  • Formulate sales quotas, territories, and forecasts within different contexts
  • Learn to manage sales force selection, knowledge , skills, behaviour and motivation
  • Develop, evaluate and control a sales programme for a given sales force
  • Distinguish between and apply different methods to evaluating salesperson performance.

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