Compelling Reasons Why Multi-Country Exposure Is Great For You As A Student!

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a great time to be unconventional… especially, when it comes to career choices! And, if you are planning to pursue higher studies like an MBA, it’s advisable to opt for one that gives you multi-country exposure!

People often confuse multi-country education with a study programme pursued abroad. There is a telling difference between both. While studying in one foreign country has its own benefits, multi-country education offers you a unique cross-cultural experience making you more ready for a global career!

A Look At The Problems Multi-Country Educations Helps Solve!

Thanks to globalization, the demand for multi-country education is on the rise, owing to the problems it helps solve!

Ensures That Students Break Out Of The ‘Traditional’ Mindset!

The structure of a multi-country education programme is always focused on building skills, rather than the typical rote-learning pedagogy implemented in a traditional programme.

Given that students are expected to travel to and live in different countries, they need to be able to adapt to different cultures and teaching methodologies. This is only possible with a framework that emphasizes more on practical experiences gained by being exposed to different cultures, and the challenges that come with this exposure.

Exposes Students To A More ‘Global’ Work Culture Making Them More Employable… 

With multi-country education, students get to observe the work cultures in different countries, through their internship opportunities, and eventually build a more global identity.

This experience comes in handy when, as employees, they are well-equipped to deal with the challenges of a more global career, where they would be expected to meet different kinds of people, and conduct business successfully, irrespective of the cultural differences and the differences in the way the economies function!

Focuses On Building ‘People Skills’ And Not Just Other Fundamentals Of Higher Education… 

With traditional pedagogies, students are rarely exposed to the most important part of workplaces and businesses everywhere – the people.

Multi-country education programmes help students develop deeper cross-border collaborations with people from diverse cultures, along with exposing them to the intricacies of the different economies, and the different ways in which business is conducted.

Multi-country education essentially tackles two aspects in a single blow – helping organizations gain smarter students with a global approach, and helping students build a better career over time!

Here’s Why Multi-Country Exposure Would Be Great For You As A Student!

Multi-country programmes offer the unique benefit of experiencing the dynamics of business and life across different geographies – how different they are, as well as the interconnectedness between them! Such experiences can develop your perspective in a way that neither traditional programmes, nor international single-country study programmes can achieve.

Plus, there are other exciting benefits…

You Get To Travel… A Lot!

Who doesn’t like their passports filled up to the T with immigration stamps of different countries? As a student, the combination of travel and education can be an incredibly enriching experience!

You Get To Build A Versatile Network… 

One of the key benefits of pursuing a multi-country education is the versatile network of contacts you gain from the different countries you study in. Such connections prove very valuable over the years!

The Skills You’ll Learn Are Priceless…

           “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” — Henry David Thoreau

When surviving in a single foreign country can get overwhelming, imagine the stress of moving across different countries! By the end of the programme, you are sure to have a healthy of self-confidence, and the communication skills to chat up people irrespective of their nationality. Everyday experiences pose a challenge, such as hailing a cab, ordering food, or asking someone for directions.

There’s also the opportunity to learn new languages. While learning them can help you survive during the course of the programme, these skills will surely come in handy later, when you are working towards building a global career!

You Are Exposed To Different Cultures… 

Multi-country exposure provides an opportunity to learn and experience multiple cultures. This can also be great for more holistic education — one that develops students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.


Additionally, it is common for universities and educational institutions in different countries to have diverse teaching methodologies — this can be a fresh change from run-of-the-mill pedagogies that don’t contribute much towards helping you stand out from the rest!

Learning from a multinational faculty exposes you to multiple, different perspectives — based on the variety of experiences they’ve accumulated over the years.

Not to forget the infusion of new, varied ideas and thoughts!

Imagine The Internship And Job Opportunities!

When you study through a multi-country programme, you aren’t just learning in different countries, but you can also choose to work in any of these countries, if you are eligible for any particular roles. You could intern in one country, and choose to work in another – the sky’s the limit!

And If You Are A Foodie, You Are In For A Treat!

It is important to note that food is synonymous with culture, not just in terms of taste, but also in the form of etiquette and ceremonies. For instance, Japan, known for its unique culture and way of life, has the famous ‘tea-ceremony’, which is an amalgamation of food and culture… and they do take it very seriously! 

Many student organizations have food-tasting parties that introduce new students to the country’s cuisine. Many universities also conduct international food fairs.

Such cross-country exposure broadens one’s views and diversifies thoughts. This experience proves to be of immense value when dealing with multinational clients and challenges later in their careers.


Given the various advantages, many universities and business schools are offering various programmes that allow students to study in different countries and benefit from them!

Experience The Global Touch… With Regenesys!

It is imperative that the students of today are future ready by imbibing a holistic education that enables them to become not only good leaders but also have a sense of responsibility towards the community.

The Regenesys Institute of Management, a premier business school in Mumbai, strives in that direction by imparting a holistic education intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. 

Its self-sufficient campus in Navi Mumbai has all the facilities and infrastructure for a conducive and educative environment. Its cutting-edge multi-country MBA programmes help in holistic knowledge dissemination and earn immense global exposure, by offering students to complete one part of the programme in South Africa, at the Regenesys Business School!

Not only do students get two certificates, they can also pursue internships in India and South Africa, with a 100% placement guarantee!

Regenesys achieves this by its unique pedagogy of gaining knowledge through practice, application and self-involvement as against the traditional way of theory-exams-internships and then a job.

        The inverse pedagogy of Regenesys involves problem analysis-purpose practice-internship-theory-exams and then, a job.

Are you ready to make the difference? Find out more about Regenesys here!

Written by: Dr. Richa Arora, Group CEO and Director at the Regenesys Business School.

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