Blockchain and Big Data: Are MBA Graduates trying to fit in?

Imagine walking into a tech company during early 1990s with thorough knowledge about the Internet. The world would be your playground and you could have immense growth potential. Today, with the growing demand for big data and blockchain across various industries, we are in a similar situation. Learning about these advanced technologies is the key to success for every MBA grad.  Therefore, given the growing dominance of big data and blockchain, not just business schools in Nigeria but even MBA grads are trying to fit into the lucrative tech stratosphere.

MBA in the digital era:

In recent years, the application of blockchain in various industries across Nigeria have exploded. In fact, if you look closely into the global economy, the major drivers are tech companies across the globe. So, MBA graduates are expected to be technically sound and able to communicate with developers, designers and data analysts.

If you consider the current scenario, everyone seems to be talking about enabling technologies such as Big data analytics, Blockchain, API, Internet of Things, and AI. Companies are merely responding to the rapid technological growth. So, while MBA graduates are trying to fit in and bridge the skill gap, they also need to take up MBA Programs in Nigeria, which focus on these advanced technologies because these disruptive innovations will shape our future.

The Blockchain Bandwagon:               

Right from private financial institutions to the government authorities, everyone wants to ride on the blockchain bandwagon. Blockchain-based apps can automate tasks and simplify processes. Their concern is that in the next few years, these applications will pose a direct threat to a majority of traditionally used processes. Those who innovate and adapt to the changing trends would survive while others will perish.

For instance, most FinTech start-ups are using big data and blockchain to get an upper hand against the mighty giants in the industry. As an MBA graduate, you can perform detailed analysis about the impact of blockchain and big data on your prospective employer’s industry and what measures can be taken to succeed in these tough times. It is proactive efforts like these which will stand-out.

At Regenesys, we believe in providing holistic education for our MBA students. Therefore, our students meet the industry demands in a rapidly changing technological environment. So, whether it is blockchain, big data and analytics, or any other technology, our MBA graduates are always abreast with the latest trends.

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