Best lecturers leaving public universities

University lecturers are applying to work in the private higher education sector at a far higher rate than at any other time. This is according to Regenesys Business School that indicated that more lecturers are asking to join them than ever before.

There is a concern that if public universities are unable to retain their top staff that there will be a marked drop in the quality of education at public institutions.

The Fees Must Fall campaign has created a lot of fear and distrust with public sector lecturers and in line with trends in most other countries; both lecturers and parents are looking at how to get the best from private higher education.

Private education has traditionally only serviced 10% of the South African education landscape. Most private higher education institutions have experienced an increase of three to four times in applications for enrolments as parents have lost faith in the public education system.

Regenesys has stated that it is preparing to respond to this crisis by both increasing its options for studying, as well as boosting its online education offerings.

They feel that this mix will change towards a reality in which 30% to 40% of South Africa’s education will be from private higher education institutions.

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